How to: Convert F180 S/K/L to E975 – LG Optimus G

F180 S/K/L is the Korean version of E975, LG Optimus G. Both of these models have got exactly the same hardware except that F180 also supports LTE. F180′s original official firmware is great for use in Korea but for those who are using F180 in other parts of the world, and for those who aren’t Korean, it can be a pain to use F180 with official Korean firmware at times.


Just like all other Korean phones, SMS is limited to 90 characters and you will not be able to send larger texts than that. Also, there is a lot of carrier specific bloatware in the official firmware. The default dialer is also a bit unpleasant to the eyes as it displays Korean characters on every dialer key. There is also the old, famous, “Call to Korea” problem.

Those who have used any Korean smartphone previously will easily understand what I am talking about. So, converting your F180 S/K/L to E975 will get rid of all of the regional problems for you. Also, as we’ll be flashing the official E975 firmware, it will be rock-solid unlike most of the custom roms and you will also be receiving automatic updates over WiFi.


  1. Regardless of which firmware you are currently running on your F180, you will need to download and switch to the corresponding one from the list below:
    Tip: You can find your phone’s model by going to ‘Settings > About > Phone identity’ in Android.
    Warning: Make sure your phone’s battery is at least charged 80%. Don’t proceed otherwise as LG Optimus G comes with non-removable battery and thus you won’t be able to easily swap the battery if it dies in the middle of the process.
  2. It is mandatory that you factory reset your phone before proceeding. For doing so, go to ‘Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset’. Please keep in mind that doing so will wipe your phone including contacts, messages, mails, applications and all the data on your phone’s internal storage. Your phone will reboot twice. Let it boot after factory reset. Once you are on the language selection screen, power off your phone
  3. Press and hold down ‘Volume Up’ + ‘Volume Down’ and while inserting USB cable in to the phone. This will get you to S/W download mode on LG F180.
  4. Now you need to flash the firmware you downloaded earlier. Please refer to the guide here:
  5. Once the KDZ firmware is successfully flashed, your phone will reboot automatically. Once it fully boots up, go through the setup procedure and again factory reset it as you already did once.
  6. Once you are on the language selection screen, power off your phone
  7. Once again, put your phone in download mode
  8. For converting your phone to E975, we’ll be flashing this E975 Hong Kong KDZ:
  9. Follow the same procedure for flashing KDZ as you did earlier.
  10. Once the KDZ flash is successful, go through the set-up procedure. Now go to ‘Settings > Storage’ and make sure your internal storage is being listed there. If it shows “0.00 GB” there, don’t panic. Power off your phone. Once completely off, press and hold down ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Power’ buttons until the phone displays a hard reset screen. Release ‘Volume Down’ and press ‘Power’ twice for resetting your phone.
  11. Your phone will reboot once again and your phone’s internal storage will be back to normal.
  12. Now you need to root your phone. Please refer to our LG Optimus G universal rooting guide here:
  13. Once you are done with rooting process, make sure you reboot your phone at least once if it doesn’t reboot automatically.
  14. Now we will be flashing LG F180 baseband. Download your corresponding baseband backup from the list below:
  15. Unzip the downloaded archive and you will find a batch file named ‘modem-flash’ inside it. Make sure ‘USB Debugging’ is enabled on your phone and your phone is in ‘Charge only’ mode while connected to the PC. Run the ‘modem-flash’ batch file.
  16. Keep an eye on your phone screen as you will need to tap the grant permission button on SuperSU pop-up. If you miss the pop-up as it expires after 10 sec, run ‘modem-flash’ batch file again.
  17. Once the baseband has been flashed successfully, reboot your phone
  18. Congratulations! You have just converted LG F180 to LG E975.

Other E975 Firmwares

Theoretically, flashing any of the E975 firmware from the page linked below should work for you. However we have not tested with any of these and can’t guarantee your success. If you feel brave enough, you can try to flash any of these firmwares on F180:

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  • Glen

    nice site and tutorials here. very detailed and easy to follow.

    keep up the good work sir!

  • Anh Le

    Thank you for your thorough information!

  • Wambugu Maina

    You are sure that this works? I intend to convert my F180S mainly because another attempt to convert it messed up the baseband so now it can’t connect to the mobile network.

    • Sikander Hayat Khan

      You should simply attempt to flash the F180S baseband and see if you get back your mobile network.

      • Adeel Ahmad

        Dear Sikander, I got LG f180 with English ROM. enabling mobile data, “E” for EDGE sign indicates that EDGE is enabled on my device. but when I see in the “about phone”>> Network Type…it shows GPRS.

        Please let me know that my phone has EDGE enabled or its just GPRS. Thanks

  • Daniele

    The link for the e975 rom is broken

    I tried with another E97510C_00.kdz but there is the 0.00 MB internal memory problem, also with the hard reset procedure

    • Sikander Hayat Khan

      Sorry, seems like LG have changed their download address. I’ll update the list accordingly in a day or two.

      • Sikander Hayat Khan

        Regarding the memory issue, did you fix it? Flash back to F180* KDZ and you’ll get your internal storage back if nothing else works for you.

        • AlyIdrees

          I tried the Hong Kong KDZ which I found on xda (because your link didn’t work for me). I followed your steps but I have the same problem as the guy above reported. I haven’t tried the F180L back again but I do want to convert it to E975. So can you update the link please? I can’t even use it in the debugging mode now so I couldn’t root it. Thanks in advance.

        • AlyIdrees

          Oh, and I was trying to use a European KDZ (It’s larger than 1.2GB) but I can’t seem to make the LG mobile utility work (if that’s causing the problem?). It says that I need to connect to the internet (it is connected). KDZ updater worked fine for me when I tried the Hong Kong KDZ as it was about 1.0xGB

  • Ben Pattison

    Hey guys im really keen to try this firmware conversion, its an awesome guide that been put together. Have others found it successful or have there been a few issues? Thanks

  • hamza

    invalid sim card, sim not working
    please helpppppp, how to solve it

    • Sikander Hayat Khan

      Did you flash your phone? If yes, how? And which KDZ was it?

      • Akash

        Sir i want stock KDZ for at&t optimus g e970…. i flashed e977 kdz, phone works good but no sim error… please help

        • Just_Another_Guy

          hi Hazma ,
          How did the problem of Invalid SIM card solved. Please help me

        • smartessence

          akash did u get the solution?

  • Amon

    once it converted to e975, can it use a custom e975 base rom? thanks :)

    • erycx

      Hi there! I really need to update my LG F180L firmware to E975 because of the dialing problems but mainly because of the korean ads and bloatware I get everyday. My question is why do I need to flash the first kdz with the korean firmware when I already have it? A hard reset followed by installing the HK rom, rooting and flashing baseband isn’t enough? I really want to flash it but I saw there are problems with the baseband. Did anyone managed to convert it to E975 following these steps? Thank you!

  • Abdul Sattar

    Today i am feeling much proud to be a Pakistani. Very very nice sharing Thanks a lot.

  • Sopheap

    Hi, all I am new. Can anyone tell me, if the process is successful while i found all the comment did not show about the successful and sometime met the problem.Waiting to hear from all of you?

  • logan

    thanks a lot sir.

  • Nouman Jamraiz

    The KDZ firmware was NOT RESPONDING………and now my LG-F180L is stuck in download mode…….PLEASE HELP……I JUST BOUGHT IT COUPLE OF DAYS AGO…….ALL MY MONEY WILL BE RUINED……. SIr Sikandar Hayat khan can you help……..i live in islamabad….. my phone number is 03115144760…. sms me and i ll call you………PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME GET MY PHONE OUT OF USB MODE…… :-(

    • Sikander Hayat Khan

      Please see my contact details on the contact page and give me a call in the day time. I will try to guide you.

  • Fethi

    Hi all,

    Is f180s compatible with european network? And if not, wiil it be if I follow theis guide?

    Because, I ordered f180s, and I live in france.


    • Sikander Hayat Khan

      It is 100% compatible without conversion.

  • Ariunbat Altangerel

    download KDZ from here

    • Berbert Nuñez

      bro have you downloaded your firmware to this link of yours? from philippines..and im downloading one of it now..i hope this following the steps in this blog

  • Faseeh

    i flashed e975 rom in my f180L. flashed the baseband as of the problem is weak signals and i m not able to send sms. I have flashed the stock rom for f180L. but the problem still exists! please help!!

    • Sikander Hayat Khan

      Weak signals are a result of wrong baseband. Please try flashing the baseband again.

      • Faseeh

        Which baseband works fine in paksitan? I cant remember whether my cellphone was F180L , S or K . My other freinds have optimus g too!! some using K some using L and some has S …what baseband should i choose?

        • Ahmad Zulhilmi

          if u cant remember just check with your imei..tq

          • Faseeh

            well my imei and lg support tools shows that my cellphone is f180k. but when i flash K baseband..i get no signals..and when i flash L baseband i get weak signals. Flashing S baseband means no signal as well. What to do please help. I have flashed all the roms of L , K and S . get weak signals only on L :( . on flashing the other two means no signals :(

          • giulietta

            Hi, the imei check shows LG swift g f180. What model is it? thanks

  • Mussadaq Hussain Rana

    brother jab main kdz file download krne lagta hun to access denied error ajata hai main kya karun

  • Mussadaq Hussain Rana

    pls mere masle ka hal kijie

  • Mina Reda

    hi, i’m from egypt, could you please inform me which flash for firmware will help me

    • Sikander Hayat Khan

      You can flash the Hong Kong open KDZ without any problems.

  • tony

    thank you for this guide. i have successfully converted my lg f180l to e975 flawlessly thank you so much =)

  • ilyas

    after flashing e975 rom internal storage remains 0 i have tried hard reset many times. help plz

    • Iqbal Ali Husni

      the sqme problem with me.. help us plz..

  • Faheem

    how to revert back to f180l
    simply flash kdz of f180l?

  • Jahangir Ahmed

    dear Sikandar

    i have converted my phone and observed that my EDGE is not active , it shows G only, not E

    can you please help how to fix it?



  • Suleman Hasib

    I want to enable edge on F180L, is there anyway???

  • Jahangir Ahmed

    dear how to enable EDGE? everything is ok and done, but this problem remains

    please help

  • Seramir

    Im From Brazil. I can instal E977 on my f180?

    thx very mcuh

    • Jahangir Ahmed

      you can try if you have KDZ

      • Seramir

        I Have it. Its possible brick ?

        • Jahangir Ahmed

          soft brick possible , but you may go on, if in case you get into trouble, you can download B2CAppSetup.exe from LG support website and make it factory default.

  • Seramir

    Hi im from Brazil. Can i install e977 stock room on my F180?

  • Rome

    Will the phone still have full-LTE support after converting to E975?

  • Faseeh

    well my imei and lg support tools shows that my cellphone is f180k. but
    when i flash K baseband..i get no signals..and when i flash L baseband i
    get weak signals. Flashing S baseband means no signal as well. What to
    do please help. I have flashed all the roms of L , K and S . get weak
    signals only on L :( . on flashing the other two means no signals :(

  • Jades Ibusca

    Can’t download country kdz files

  • Cristhian Vasquez

    invalid sim card, sim not working
    how can I fix it?

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  • FaisalHyder

    salam & hi, i’m about to buy this phone (F180L), i have downloaded tools, lg drivers , downloading F180L 20H.kdz (i don’t know why we first have to flash a E973 Canadian based KDZ….????)
    then when i start to download to HongKong KDZ, i get access denied error, i tried other site but there as well no download working. (please fix it~link) . then last thing to ask is rooting necessary???
    w/o rooting can’t we flash F180L baseband to get back wireless signals???????
    i don’t wanna root and stay 100% at stock for utter most stability.! please reply.

    (b/c when cell is rooted if by mistake anything of System files gets deleted will create a hell of problem)

    • Sohaib

      bro have u flashed ur phone ?? have few questions

      • FaisalHyder

        salam, naah yar i got AT&T version. :)

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  • Antonio Mosquera

    Can I use an E977 kdz on my F180? I’m From Venezuela and I think that one is the convenient for my phone. PLEASE REPLY. I don’t wanna make a mistake. help us.

  • Antonio Mosquera

    @Sikander3786:disqus hey!! Can I use an E977 kdz on my F180? I’m From Venezuela and I think that one is the convenient for my phone. PLEASE REPLY. I don’t wanna make a mistake. help us.

  • awais

    After conversion to e975, can kitkat based cm11 ROMs be flashed?

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  • margulan

    i have weak signal on my phone… what should i do ? and it says service disabled.. plz help

  • Muhammad Danish Ali

    Hong Kong KDZ link is broken kindly update it

  • Mahi

    Woow man U awesome. Perfect tutorial, now I can enjoy this beauty. I always wanted this phone. Thanks not a single trouble (F180L > E975)

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  • shan

    english rom mai convert karne k bad radio mjhe nae mil raha cell main

  • Gheorghe Bacio

    Hello! conversion procedure must be repeated when you change rom ?

    or only once ?thanks

  • Salvatore

    hi, I tried the step by step guide, but I have no more signal. I tried all three of the baseband. I f180k by imei.


    • Sarmad

      Dear friends there is a brief tutorial iN video at utube. First he rooted and installed cwm and a custom 4.1.2 english room. And cm11 anf gaps. I tried that on 3 phones it was perfect. Phone was conv erted and updated to kitkat. Room is smooth. No errors yet didnt tested 2g data. Sms working fine 160k. Search it on utube. He will show u how to do that. Watch carefully. He is quick in steps.good luck

      I willpost the link later

      • Salvatore Lo Faro

        ok, I look at it, but my problem is the signal 2g and 3g

  • Omar Khaliq

    Should i try the above method on lg f200l?